McFadyen touts 'cool city' concept

Tory leader Hugh McFadyen has an eye on the redvelopment of the Point Douglas area as an example of what's possible in rebuilding downtown Winnipeg.

McFadyen unveiled his vision for a "cool new Winnipeg" highlighted by a concept for a new urban village in Point Douglas.

Watch PC video rendering of the party's plan for Point Douglas

"South Point Douglas could be a great location to take the next step towards Winnipeg's downtown revitalization," he says. "Imagine affordable housing, character homes and a community boardwalk lined with riverside cafes and shops - all accented by a cool new urban park and man-made lake where young adults can live and gather, year-round."

"Today, you see historic homes, a community club, a school, shops and churches - all divided by a railway but awaiting rebirth built on optimism and pride."

He highlighted several of the key components the concept may include:

  • A boardwalk connecting Point Douglas to the Forks

  • An Urban Park and man-made lake, complete with beach, sports areas and a marina

  • Affordable new and existing housing

  • A new community centre

  • A neighbourhood back-lane program

"At the tip of the point," McFadyen says, "a contemporary Urban Park could be planned. I see it as a great place for young and active people to gather to enjoy the fresh water of a man-made lake, plus sun and sand."


Cory B » May 18th 2007, 14:22


Sounds like a great idea. How about Hugh acting on his own words and moving his fmaily to live in the area as a show of faith and commitment.

Steve C » May 18th 2007, 15:18


He really seems to know what young people want. The Jets and a home in Point Douglas. I'm fairly sure housing is already affordable in Point Douglas. Why would people want to move the the Exchange or Waterfront when they could go to Point Douglas? Maybe that's where Hugh gets the crack he's been smoking this campaign.

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McFadyen touts 'cool city' concept

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