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Looking for an alternative for H1N1 vaccine

In Winnipeg we do not all have equal access to the H1N1 vaccine. This has caused some to seek alternatives.

Concert Review: Sheryl Crow At MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB, 09/27/2008

Sheryl Crow is an unmistakable activist, so expect her to unload on Bush, climate change deniers, and Paris Hilton!

Apple Provides A Further 60-Day Extension To MobileMe Users

Continuing problems with their MobileMe web applications have forced Apple to apologize to customers yet again.

Concert Review: Sonata Arctica - Winnipeg, Feb. 8, 2008

Superb European neo-classical power metal band kill live, but most metal fans don't know about them.

Video » How Come This Never Caught On

The Railmobile sounds perfect. Why didn't this catch on?

Video » Possibly the Best Use of an Industrial Robot to Date

Just found this video. If you are a guy, like robots and bowling balls then you owe to yourself to check this out.

Video » The Daily Show Writers on the Writers Strike

The Daily Show Writers put on a little daily show style reporting on their side of the writers strike.

Halloween Pumpkins!

Halloween, and too much time on one's hands...

Recommended: CBC's Search Engine

CBC Radio's Search Engine podcast talks tech, without being techy.

Video » Rowlf and The Swedish Chef on SNL

The other Saturday Night Live clip from the last two weeks that had my cats looking at me strangely as tried not to choke to death while laughing.

Video » People Getting Punched in the Face Before Eating

Andy Samberg is bringing me back to watching Saturday Night Live on a regular basis.

Manitoba not a great place to visit!

Travel Manitoba smart to not spend $500,000 to advertise at Disney World!

Child Healthcare Insurance Legislation vetoed by U.S. President

The current State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) has had a legislative bill which would have expanded the scope of the program, vetoed by President George W. Bush.

What has happened to common sense?

Frustrated with lack of common sense.

Hugh shows humanity in the end

In an uneven campaign, it took defeat to bring out the warmth of the PC leader

Attack tortoise takes no prisoners

Top YouTube clip pits half-shell against unsuspecting cats

Stabbings, swarmings, shootings... One Great City!

I grapple with my first experiences as a reporter

Video » Dear criminals: take our streets please

Mojo Krista Simonson asks Winnipeggers to stop whining and start using city parks

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Not your Team Canada to judge

Has Bloc MP taken a slapshot to his patriotism?

Politicians out of touch with reality

Why isn't anyone talking about grassroots solutions to the social problems that plague this city?

Who do politicians think they are?

My view of the attacks made by Ottawa's idiots on Shane Doan