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Laugh This Way with The N.E.W. Comedy Projekt on April 14th

If You Can't Get No Satisfaction, put away your guitar hero or rock band, and head on down to the Green Brier Inn on Wednesday, April 14th. Laugh This Way with Paul Rabliauskas and a band of rockstar comics for Classic Rock night at the next N.E.W. Comedy Projekt show. For Those About To Laugh, We Salute You.

Puppy pain treatment

There's a new holistic approach for dogs in pain. Natural Healing Veterinary Care located on Coryon Avenue offers a different approach to pain relief.

Privacy? What's that?

Seemingly every day, another sex tape or nude photo shows up on the internet, but somehow we're still surprised. People need to begin taking the proper precautions when it comes to internet privacy...or lack thereof.

Welcome to the World of Digestive Athletics

Want to combine running and beer-drinking? Try the Beer Mile.

Accelerators make it hard for Toyota to stop criticism

Perception has never been something Toyota has struggled with. Now the world’s leading vehicle manufacturer is trying to recover from negative reactions to their massive recall due to faulty accelerators.

Run for mayor, Facebook group urges Wasylycia-Leis

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry Coun. Jenny Gerbasi says she is "very optimistic" MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis will decide to challenge Sam Katz in October's civic election.

Beauticians' time to shine

An annual hair raising event is arriving in Winnipeg at the end of April

Winnipeg's own social networking site

A new website is giving Winnipeggers the chance to interact with friends and get important information about the city.

Video » Self injurers help selves

Self injurers are turning to social networking sites run by other self injurers.

No pets allowed?

Dr. Jon Gerrard says pets should be allowed in apartments. But Fluffy's Law has many Manitobans divided.

The Legally Prohibited from Stopping in Winnipeg Tour

Conan O'Brien announces the solution to his umeployment problems: a North-American comedy tour. The tour only includes three Canadian cities, but Winnipeggers are trying to change that.


Winnipeg Transit is offering a new service that lets you use your cellular device to find out when your bus is coming.

Police cadets to patrol Winnipeg streets

Winnipeggers may see police cadets patrolling the streets as early as September, 2010

Power of Movement 2010 - Winnipeg Art Gallery Event

By 2026, over 6 million Canadians will have arthritis. Power of Movement 2010: Thousands participate in world’s largest yoga fundraiser for arthritis research

The Big Screen vs. The Book

In recent years, Hollywood has been banking on the success of best-selling novels. How does the book industry benefit from the millions of dollars these blockbusters are earning?

MTS Centre still rockin'

Despite a slow 2009, the MTS Centre is still an attractive venue for big name artists.

Wal-Mart expansion not a threat: Chamber

Wal-Mart Canada plans up to 40 brand-spankin' new supercentres in Canada - sprawling 100,000+ square-foot one-stop-shops whose wide range of offerings includes groceries.

Mondragón to pay 40% more if mortgage replaces rent

A member of the Mondragón co-operative in Winnipeg's Exchange District says building ownership by tenants will make them eligible for grants

How privately owned gyms in Winnipeg succeed in underdog role

Thanks to the challenges associated with establishing a small business in a very competitive industry, privately owned gyms in Winnipeg are clearly the Rocky Balboa to commercial gyms’ Apollo Creed.

Ode to an unpaid cable bill

Despite an outstanding $200 cable bill Shaw Commuications really wants to offer me more services.

Finding tasty treats that won’t hurt the tummy

Living gluten free in Winnipeg is no easy task, but thanks to increased awareness, managing celiac disease is becoming a little bit easier.


It's March Madness at the Green Brier Inn on Wednesday, March 10th. Double your laughter with features Ryan Ash and Marnie Couchman at the next N.E.W. Comedy Projekt show along with a full court of comedy MVPs.

Move over, movies

Special events are turning movie theatres into something more than just a place to catch a film

Olympic celebrations boost Winnipeg restaurant sales

Local sports bars benefitted from fans who couldn't make it to Vancouver

Roll up the rim to waste?

Tim Hortons encourages people to be responsible consumers by selling reusable cups and offering a 10-cent discount to those who use them. But their popular contest may discourage this responsible behaviour.

Winnipeg Harvest scores along with Sidney Crosby

Food bank teams up with True North Sports and Entertainment Limited's gold medal event.

Human or controller?

Over the past few decades, technology has grown exponentially. A peek at the technology to be released in 2010 reveals an exciting time in the worlds of gaming and telecommunications.

Winnipeg's Jonathan Toews Named Top Forward For the 2010 Olympic Hockey Tournament

Team Canada wins hockey gold at the 2010 Olympics. Jonathan Toews named top forward for the tournament.

The Don't Panic Party!

*prosper st productions* invites you to join Cocktail Hostages, Soul Berry, and Slow Burn Winter for an evening of bad-ass tunes and baked goods at The Zoo!