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Privacy? What's that?

Seemingly every day, another sex tape or nude photo shows up on the internet, but somehow we're still surprised. People need to begin taking the proper precautions when it comes to internet privacy...or lack thereof.

Accelerators make it hard for Toyota to stop criticism

Perception has never been something Toyota has struggled with. Now the world’s leading vehicle manufacturer is trying to recover from negative reactions to their massive recall due to faulty accelerators.

Residents stand up for their footbridge

Winnipeg residents are taking to Facebook to express concerns about the possibility of a new bridge at Omand's Creek Park

Beauticians' time to shine

An annual hair raising event is arriving in Winnipeg at the end of April

Winnipeg's own social networking site

A new website is giving Winnipeggers the chance to interact with friends and get important information about the city.

Keep your cat virus free

Outdoor cats are at greater risk of contracting potentially deadly viruses feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Spaying or neutering, vaccines and hygiene can help keep kitty healthy.

No pets allowed?

Dr. Jon Gerrard says pets should be allowed in apartments. But Fluffy's Law has many Manitobans divided.

The Legally Prohibited from Stopping in Winnipeg Tour

Conan O'Brien announces the solution to his umeployment problems: a North-American comedy tour. The tour only includes three Canadian cities, but Winnipeggers are trying to change that.


Winnipeg Transit is offering a new service that lets you use your cellular device to find out when your bus is coming.

Police cadets to patrol Winnipeg streets

Winnipeggers may see police cadets patrolling the streets as early as September, 2010

Wedding socials - are they worth the fuss?

Some couples report raking in thousands of dollars at their wedding socials while others barely break even. How do you know if you should take the plunge?

Buckle up, pups

Safe options for car travel with your dog

The Big Screen vs. The Book

In recent years, Hollywood has been banking on the success of best-selling novels. How does the book industry benefit from the millions of dollars these blockbusters are earning?

MTS Centre still rockin'

Despite a slow 2009, the MTS Centre is still an attractive venue for big name artists.

Exchange District welcomes sports complex

Sport Manitoba needed a new home after its lease wasn't renewed at 200 Main Street. But its new digs will be used for more than just administration. The Sport for Life Centre will bring the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, as well as sport training amenities, to the Exchange District.

Wal-Mart expansion not a threat: Chamber

Wal-Mart Canada plans up to 40 brand-spankin' new supercentres in Canada - sprawling 100,000+ square-foot one-stop-shops whose wide range of offerings includes groceries.

How privately owned gyms in Winnipeg succeed in underdog role

Thanks to the challenges associated with establishing a small business in a very competitive industry, privately owned gyms in Winnipeg are clearly the Rocky Balboa to commercial gyms’ Apollo Creed.

Finding tasty treats that won’t hurt the tummy

Living gluten free in Winnipeg is no easy task, but thanks to increased awareness, managing celiac disease is becoming a little bit easier.

With a little help from their friends

The University of Winnipeg has been continually expanding across downtown in the last couple of years. But they couldn’t do it alone.

Wedding sweet tooth

Her business was inspired by her own wedding. Almost a year old, Sweetness Buffet has 28 bookings for this summer.

Roll up the rim to waste?

Tim Hortons encourages people to be responsible consumers by selling reusable cups and offering a 10-cent discount to those who use them. But their popular contest may discourage this responsible behaviour.

Canadians seeing red at the Olympics

Vancouver 2010 red mitts have been the hottest commodity during the games... and also the hardest to find.

Human or controller?

Over the past few decades, technology has grown exponentially. A peek at the technology to be released in 2010 reveals an exciting time in the worlds of gaming and telecommunications.

H1N1 - Panicking about the pandemic

A first-person view of hospitals and being sick in the time of the H1N1 pandemic

Short days of a long blue winter

Winnipeggers suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder are not doomed to a winter of depression. Support groups, light therapy, vitamins and vacations can all help.

Looking for an alternative for H1N1 vaccine

In Winnipeg we do not all have equal access to the H1N1 vaccine. This has caused some to seek alternatives.

H1N1 threat stops post-game handshakes

The Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association is taking steps to reduce the spread of H1N1.

Support the arts in style

Hilary Druxman Inc. is creating a new line of jewelry inspired by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Half the proceeds from the jewelry sales will go to the David Moroni School Endowment Fund.

Video » Colour Me Pink Hockey tournament raises $30,000 for CancerCare

The second annual Twisters Head Shave Fundraiser took place November 6, 7, and 8. All proceeds go to CancerCare.